Eliminate Termites in Goldsboro & Beyond with NC Exterminating

Termites Eating WoodTermites are tiny destructive insects that cause more damage to homes and businesses each year than fires; it is estimated that in excess of five billion dollars worth of damage is done annually.

Goldsboro, New Bern and other eastern NC areas are in what is considered a heavy damage area from subterranean termites and it is very important to have annual inspections to be sure they have not infested your home or building. Typically they are very clandestine in their infestation of a structure and only when something structural gives way, or when they swarm, are they noticed.

Eastern NC Termite Pest Control Treatments

Unfortunately, many homes and business owners forget about these menaces until it is too late and the damage has occurred. Griffin Exterminating and Kill-A-Bug are here to help provide that protection with residential termite control services.

Termidor® Termiticide

Termidor LogoTermidor is different than other insecticides. What sets it apart? It doesn’t repel termites; Termidor kills termites. When a termite comes in contact with it, they become a carrier, helping to infect their entire colony. And, unlike other termiticides which typically take six to 18 months, Termidor can infect 100% of a termite colony within three months.

Advance® Termite Bait System

Advance termite bait systemAnother incredible option for termite control is bait system — and nobody knows termite bait technology better than Advance. A bait system is installed by Griffin Exterminating on the outside in your home in high-traffic termite areas. The pests feed at the stations, then return to the colony, sharing the bait, infecting all they come in contact with.

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