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Subterranean Termite
Eastern Subterranean Termites

This ground-dwelling species of termite is fairly common in North Carolina because they love warm, temperate climates. They do not consume wood grain and they typically can be spotted by their black heads.


Fleas are parasitic, non-winged insects that live off blood. They are typically darker in color and jump, not fly, to reach their host. Flea infestation can cause more than just itching and annoyance — many people suffer from an allergic reaction to their bites.

Formosan TermiteFormosan Termites

If you have the unfortunate experience of coming across a colony of these termites, contact Griffin Exterminating and Kill-A-Bug immediately! This species of termite, without a doubt, is the most capable of inflicting serious damage to your property and belongings.

Fire AntsFire Ants

Hopefully you’ll have the ability to spot these pests before stepping on one of their dirt mounds. Contrary to popular belief, fire ants do not bite, they sting. Despite their small size — ⅛ – ¼ in length — their stings can come by the hundreds and can inflict some serious pain.

House FlyHouse Flies

Everyone knows what the common house fly looks like and most don’t consider them much of a threat. But did you know that flies can carry bacteria and disease throughout your home? Avoid contamination — let our exterminators eliminate them!


NC’s most irritating pest is, without a doubt, the mosquito. But, did you know, it might also be one of the most dangerous? Despite their small size, mosquitoes transfer diseases like yellow fever, encephalitis and malaria.


American Cockroach

These pests are typically brown in color and they eat decayed material. If they have a colony in your home, you may notice a foul odor being emitted from roaches.


German Cockroach

The German cockroach is a smaller species of roach, but can be just as annoying. You might notice wings on their backs, however, the German cockroach cannot fly.


House Rat

House Rat

Also known as the Roof Rat or Norway Rat, the House Rat is common to North Carolina. They are either brown, gray, or black in color and they are notorious for the spread of disease.


House MouseHouse Mouse

House mice are either black, white, brown or gray in color and can be anywhere from three to four inches in length from nose to tail.



yellow jacketYellowjackets

Black and yellow wasps are small, but their stings can pack powerful punches. They love to make homes under the overhangs and attic areas of Eastern NC homes. Thoroughly clean your outdoor trash area to keep them away.



These species of wasp, unlike other stinging insects like bees, can sting multiple times without dying — and these stings are very painful. Don’t ever attempt to rid your home of hornets — call the pros!


Cadelle Beetle

Common in grain storage facilities, the cadelle beetle, or tenebriodes mauritanicus, is extremely capable of destroying grain. If you own one of these buildings, you should protect against this pest.

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