Take the Sting Out of Wasps in New Bern, Goldsboro & Surrounding NC Areas

HornetFacing a wasp infestation isn’t easy. Mostly importantly, and especially if you are allergic, we don’t recommend trying to remove a nest yourself — the results could be disastrous.

If you have a wasp problem and live in Goldsboro, New Bern or any of the surrounding areas, Goldsboro’s Griffin Exterminating and New Bern’s Kill-A-Bug are available to help you with all of your residential pest control needs — this includes wasp removal.

Our pest control service plans can help eliminate yellowjackets and hornets once, or we can come back throughout the year to keep wasps at bay.

Tips to Avoid Infestations from Yellowjackets & Hornets on Your NC Property

Concerned about wasps? Reduce the likelihood of them returning by scheduling a monthly or quarterly treatment from Griffin Exterminating or Kill-A-Bug and make sure to:

  • Secure Trash Areas – Depending on the time of year, wasps will search for certain types of food, and that search almost always leads them to an unsecured trash or recycling bin. In the springtime, yellowjackets and hornets go after discarded meats and other forms of protein, while in the fall, wasps seek sweet things. This is why you’ll notice wasps flying around cans of soda. Thoroughly wash cans and bottles and keep a tight lid on the trash can.
  • Secure Your Building’s Structure – Wasps are always looking for a good place to build a nest. Many times, these locations are in attic vents and under overhangs on the exterior of your house because they provide a good form of shelter. The best way to keep these stinging insects from entering your home is to make sure all holes and cracks on the outside are secure, preventing their entry.

Is your home or business in need of wasp control solutions? Contact Griffin Exterminating and Kill-A-Bug today in Goldsboro, New Bern, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Greenville, Jacksonville, Wilmington and all surrounding NC areas.